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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seven Coffee Shops in Bangkok that are Good to Go to

Feature photo by MACCHIATO

Bangkok is renowned for its coffee shops and here are seven of the best,If u are looking for the best of the best, follow your nose to these places for the finest times .

The word "dāsa" itself means "slave" or "servant". They chose this name because it conveys the meaning that all book lovers are "slave" in the sense that they can't live without books or reading (I myself one of the book slave too). The name also has a nice Asian touch to it and is also quite catchy.
Dasa is good combination of good book with tasty coffee. It is located in the heart of Bangkok called Sukhumvit, easy map guide is here

They named themself as The Boutique Coffee Shop, with retro furniture of 50's - 70's, and also Art Gallery for exhibiting photographs. You will find new photos when they change the events. I reckon Coffee Rhapsody is the photograper's community groups too. Camera's lover shouldn't miss it.

by the way, recommended menu is Phapsody waffle, it is crispy waffle from oven serve with Vanilla ices cream.

It is not very far from Dasa, you can reach there easily by BTS. Or you can find map here

It is not only coffee but rather called as desinger cafe house. It is great mix of Office, Studio and Designer's community by Karn Boontarik This place is fulled with designed decoration, imagine yourself get the drink of Iced Cafe Caramel Latte next to swiming pool, play domino game along.

To reach here you need a car, it is quite complicated to go but worth though. Here is map for it, you may need someone to translate into English for you, anyway drinking coffee should not come alone, right?

Mousse Mellow Café
It is addicted place since morning by great coffee and bakery, you will love the variety menus of drinks. My personal choice is green tea, and all the coffee blend is from Doitung Development Foundation. It has great support from UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Talk about bakery, there are plenty of them of you think of like Chocolate mousse, Shock Ball, Pie Blueberry, Chocolate Caramel and Brownies. Love all of them you know!

How to get to Mousse Mellow Café , here you are MAP You need a car for this, but if you like Bangkok adventure, bus is fine too. No subway or skytrain available in this area, but soon to come.

From thins I've heard this place is first coffee shop in Siam (formerly Thailand's name) since King Rama 6 (now we are with King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth king of the House of Chakri,), it was located in Palace, so it is classy one! It was closed during the WWII and re-open again once Bureau of The Royal Household renovated the Phyathai Palace. Going there you can have sightseeing of how beautiful Thai Palace are.
It is coffee with history, good for new comer to Bangkok I believe.

It is well known coffee shop for several years as it is close to Bangkok Tourist attraction points, it is located near the river. You can get rid of your rush mood as city lifestyle.

It is not far from Musuem Siam, here is map, you need to walk a little bit further from this. you will see a Bank Thai in front of the street, which is quite visible. Just go inside that road, then you'll see it. You won't get lost I'm sure.
Gallery : Photo by Jai

A refreshment corner where providing freshly brewed coffee, beverages, and tasty light dishes. It is second fine work of Vanno Family, first Mr. Surath Vanno has work in Tropical Garden and decoration, his portfolio is published in many well-known magazines. And his daughter created this Cafe portion. It is quite relaxing place to go, real nature freshen your mind I reckon.
allery : Photo & Map

Enjoy your drinks!

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