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Friday, March 6, 2009

Cool Thing ; PASAYA ~ The Passion for Life, the Passion for PASAYA

While I'm thinking what sort of things I'll write about today, I've been looking at Etsy all most everyday but how come I skip looking on treasure in my own country! It is one leading brand of textile products for living lifestyle and personal adornment called PASAYA. It is quite interesting name if someone who knows Thai, this PASAYA is just direct meaning of Passion!

They branded themself as PASAYA as it was invented with a belief in mind that the pleasure of living can been livened by the "Passion for life".

Designing by Passion.
Producing with Innovation.
And Aiming for Utilization.

Check out the Pasaya website for the online shop and a list of shop around Thailand. PASAYA has international network around Australia, India Spain, and France.

Gallery :

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