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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ancient City (Muang Boran) ~ Fabulous little-known attraction

Ancient City (Muang Boran)
What a great day out of Bangkok... The place is a huge green park filled with features from all around Thailand - the buildings, bridges and monumbets are of 3 types: real and removed from there original site; replicas of originals (often those which no longer exist); and creative designs of Thai styles.

It may sound a little boring just looking at pretend buildings, but the park is so big, tranquil and well-maintained, and the detail in each site is just phenomenal. They are still making the park bigger, but there is more than enough to see already.The park was also quiet and we went on a Sunday. Maybe the scale of the park ensures it doesn't feel too busy, but the car park was near full! It seems that they are creating and maintaining this park so well, so that Thai culture and history will remain perfectly preserved for future generations and visitors.Entry is 300Bt pp, and the are many ways to get around the park, and you can chose depending on budget, time, weather and preference. Easy Map is here.

Many people were out on the free bikes provided (we saw a few tandems and triples too, I presume they also belong to the park but not sure); A guided cart/buggy (not sure on cost etc); Self drive electric golf carts - we chose this and had a cart for the two of us for 3 hours for 500Bt - Great fun! But I'd advise you to do the 3 hours, as less time would not have been enough for us.Hopefully the photos will show how amazing the place is.

Getting there by bus was a little tricky - take AC bus 511 from the city (we got it from near Democracy Monument in Banglumphu). Tell them you are going to Muang Boran, and ask them to let you know when to get off (it took us around 50minutes). When you do get off you have to get a green(or white) pick up truck shared taxi - number 36. Tell your fellow passengers you're trying to get to Muang Boran or Ancient Siam, and they're likely to help you out and tell you when to buzz the bell on the roof to get off (about 15-20 minutes, it's on the left). You pay the driver when you get off.
Good luck!
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